Tyre Chains

Tyre chains are designed to allow a vehicle to climb a gradient that's beyond the grip level of the tyres. In countries other than South Africa, tyre chains are normally fitted to snow tyres, not summer tyres

The ‘Owners manual' of your vehicle will detail what wheel and tyre combinations are approved for the fitting of wheel chains. The safety of any vehicle, especially the braking performance, is compromised if tyre chains are fitted to summer tyres and if tyre chains are used on a ‘bare' road that is free of snow and ice.

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Why You Need Tyre Chains?

Sharp, edged rock, muddy and slippery surfaces are a great hazard to tyres – even when new. Equipment downtime and loss of productivity are the result of sudden tyre failure.

The advantages of using our chains for wheels are:

Tyre Chain Fitting

Highly developed fitting systems and tools backed up by professional support – based on specialized training by Tyre Protection Chains – together with detailed fitting instructions ensure that our products can be fitted quickly and safely.

Nowadays, both safety and the time factor are of great importance.

We have an ongoing commitment to innovative technology, and the highest quality and safety in everything we do. This is the common responsibility of all of us. The long-term partnerships with our customers, combined with the satisfaction and confidence in us, form the focus of our activities. Our actively practised, open and trusting corporate culture, combined with our ongoing training and education, make our family enterprise a motivated, energetic, flexible and competent team.

Tyre Chain Benefits

As a supplier of chains for wheels and Southern African market leader we have the best technical know-how and quality.

Your advantages with Tyre Protection Chains are:

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